Feb 22, 2012

300th Post

I don't really have anything to post about, but I saw that this was my 300th post and I just couldn't pass up the offer (is that even an offer?)

So let me think of something random and interesting.... Ah-ha!

These are some old pictures we were looking at last night (laughing, of course) and I just have to share them:

This one is my sister's favorite! :)



Trinka said...

Haha, those are so cute! My favorite is the "The dog has a concussion?" one :) I love your new header, it's really cute! Oh, and do you want me to make it so your blog button has a code box under it? You know, where you just copy and paste the code? I can do that for you, just email me at
amazinglove.trinka@hotmail.com :)

Nine said...

HAHA lol!!!!
xxx Nine

JesusChick said...

That first photo had me cracking up! Such a great post!
Congrats on reaching the big 300, Mary! :))