Feb 16, 2012

Sports Vs. Hobbies

Are you a sports fan?

or a hobbies fan?

Here's a little quiz:

1. Do you consider cheerleading a sport or a hobby?
a. sport
b. hobby

2. Would you rather watch a ball game or a gymnastics competition?
a. ball game
b. gymnastics competition

I can't think of any more questions....
Mostly A's: Sports fan
Mostly B's: Hobbies fan
One of each: Both.

WOW, that was such an intricate test!!!!

I'm more of a hobbies fan myself, but if I'm watching sports it's really interesting!

Tap dance
Ice skating

Dancing is so much fun- doing the Virginia Reel, Postie's Jig, and Scottish Polka- it's a lot of fun. We went to a dance a while back, with probably more than a hundred people. We did all those dances and other ones, and it was one of the best times! 

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(Heehee! This is like Singin' In the Rain!)

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(Cinderella perhaps?)

via Microsoft Word Clipart
(I never have a dressing room like this!)


Although I don't really participate too much in the other hobbies I mentioned, I act a lot!
It's got to be one of my favorite things. I really enjoy all the aspects of it, and while it is my favorite thing to do or watch, I like so many other things that I can keep busy for quite a while! :):)

My favorite sport: Well.... we watched a basketball game a few days ago, and that was fun to watch. So that might be my favorite, but I think I'd like any of them. Soccer is really fun to play, so for playing sports I'd probably say soccer, and for watching sports I'd say any of them. :)
My favorite hobby: Acting! And tap dance. I'm not taking lessons for tap right now but I still like to practice sometimes. I love the sound it makes, so tap is definitely my favorite to watch. And acting is my favorite to do. I like to watch and do ice skating! :):)

What about you? Do you like hobbies or sports or both?


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JesusChick said...

I love both, but I'm definitely a sports gal. :) I literally *cannot* jus sit by and watch a game, I *have* to be in it, being part of the action. :P
Its so cool that you act! I've acted a bit too in my life, but mostly plays at church and school (when I was in public school haha). What do you like best about acting?