Mar 9, 2011

Yesterday's Movie Moment Pics & Today's Movie Moments:

Hello! Happy Wednesday. Here is yesterday's Movie Moments.
I haven't seen this movie in a while but last time we watched it I enjoyed it. :)

And now....

Today's Movie Moments....

We just watched this movie a few days ago and it's so cute! Judy Garland has a unique voice, and the whole story is great. What I think is funny is that the story is set in wintertime, the only summer parts are the beginning and one minute at the end. haha. :)
In the Good Old Summertime is about a girl who sends letters to her pen pal, and they don't know who each one is. In reality, the girl and her least favorite coworker are writing! The coworker finds out but doesn't tell the girl.
It's such a cute movie, even though I don't go for the romantic mushy gushy oozie woozie parts. But it's only like 2 minutes long so I'm ok with it :).

In the bottom picture, doesn't the little girl look exactly like Judy Garland? There's a good reason. It's her daughter! When we watched the movie I was like, "That looks exactly like her!"

So I'm planning on tomorrow being the last day of Movie Moments... unless I forget, haha.
Goodbye, Movie Moments....hello Macro Monday! lol!
Love yah guys!

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