Mar 22, 2011

Twosday Favs 9

Ok.... so there is nothing in front of me today. (read Twosday Favs 8 from last week). Haha. :)

So the lucky first Twosday Favs is....

Fav 1: Gold Fork Hot Springs
click here for picture link
I went here on vacation once... OH YAH!!!! It is the coolest hot
springs EVER. I wish I could go there again but...'s not exactly what
you call "close by". lol.
If you're ever near Gold Fork, I strongly suggest you go there. It's amazing.

Fav 2: Hawiian Gardenia
It's such a beautiful flower.

Alright.... now I have some BIG EXCITING news to share with you...
I succeeded in finding FAVS without turning to things around my computer!!!!!!

Can you keep a secret?
When I first started this blog, when I was all set for an empty, follower-less blog,
I used to refresh the page to get more page views..

Hehe. :)

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Bev said...

You are so funny! I love you!