Sep 25, 2011

1940 Pictures

Hello everyone! (When was the last time I posted? It seems like forever ago.)
Browsing today, I found these most adorable vintage pictures.

These first three are actually not vintage pictures, but vintage outfits. LOVE!

This is Myrna Loy- we've watched her in the movie "Mr. Blanding Builds his Dream House" (not my favorite movie, a little too.... long). She's a cute actress though.

Know who this is?
Shirley Temple! She's 15 here, sitting on the diving board of her backyard pool. I want a backyard pool!!!!

Cute pattern- I totally want that dress! Very Nancy-Drewish.

And this one, too!

Time for a little guessing game....

Who's the bride? Answer: I don't know.
Who's the bridesmaid? Answer: I don't know.
Who's the flower girl? This one isn't to hard for fans...
Shirley Temple!!!!!!!
She is SOOO adorable in this picture, is she not? I love it!
I found all but the first three pictures at


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