Sep 13, 2011

Cutest Picture Idea....

Well, this idea popped into my head, and I know it's a well-used idea but it's still adorable. I most definitely want to do it at my wedding- especially since when I get married, there will probably be..... uh.....approx. 13 at this rate. If my good friend strike that, best friend Syd's mom keeps having babies, hehe. Oh, and won't it be adorable to have those approx. 13 people range in ages from like 26 (my oldest sister approx.) to like 2? Well anyway, those are my approximations for approximately 7ish years from now. Hehe.
So cute!!!!!!! Although I'm planning my colors to be more like green and white, not black. :)
So, approximately.....never mind.

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Syd said...

oh so cuuuuuuuute! so exited i'm going to be included in the wedding.... i hope i can wait sevenish years! im holding Abbers right now which makes typing slow !


.p.s having a give away on my