Sep 15, 2011

That's a bed?!?!?

Click on the link below and scroll through a huge gallery of pictures of beds like these- more or less intricate.
Seriously- if you want a dream bed, are you willing to pay $40,000 dollars?
Yes, $40,000 was the price of this celebrity's daughters bed.
Uh.......a slide?

This one is absolutely adorable, but $16,000 isn't something I'm exactly dishing out of my pocket at the moment.

Well, this post started as a nautical-themed post.... but hey, I got carried away. :) I love this style of bedroom, it's adorable. I love the almost-quilt-like flooring, the trunks under the bed, and the bed itself- being like a bunk in a ship.

This one is so cute!! I love that it's the bed underneath and a playhouse on top!

Well, that's all for today....Hey, and guess what? The county fair is this weekend, so look for pictures!

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Dollygirl said...

THat is SO funny I loved it! I really liked the idea of the princess bed but, as you said I'm not exactly happy about dishing $40,000 out of my pocket!