Sep 3, 2011

My Hand at Food Photography

Haha, I just noticed that my last post and this one are both about apples! That's funny. :)
Well, I didn't feel like going to and playing with my pics, so I just used our less-awesome photo editor.
Some saturation here, focus b&w there, and a some highlights.

Warmify and shadows played a big part of this picture.

This one is highlights, shadows, and saturation, making it a little bit too contrasting.

I love food photography because you get to make something yummy.
I've never had bell peppers in my life- it's just not something we use, but sometimes they look SO good. In pictures. You don't just see a random SOOTC (straight out of the camera) shot in that Taste of Home magazine or that ad for mac and cheese. They fix and touch up those photos so much you are probably looking at more computer bytes than real food! (ok, that's just an opinion, but don't you agree?)

Another reason why I like food photography is because I go WAY overboard editing pictures sometimes. With food, I have to keep it simpler, because it's just food. There's no need for "foggy focus" or "sepia" or even "retouch".... sometimes. I did use retouch on the first picture. You can see, near the stem of the apple on the second picture, there's a bruise... but I retouched it on the first one. No bruise!

What's your favorite thing to photograph?

P.S. Sadly, Twosday Favs and Then and Now Thursdays are gonna have to wait a little- remembering to do those two on the certain days is a little hectic. Sorry about that- I'll try to fix it soon!

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Rachel said...

I like taking pictures of my teddy bear!