Dec 14, 2011

Finding Beauty In Everyday Things Blog Event

Wooohhooo!!! It's a new blog event!

For a week (well... you know how unreliable I am when it comes to these things, but anyway) I will post every day no matter what try to post every day, with pictures about
Finding Beauty In Everyday Things!
Here's the plan:
Day 1: Water
Day 2: Animals
Day 3: Light
Day 4: Shadows
Day 5: Words
Day 6: Reflection
Day 7: Christmas

This week will start December 19th and end Christmas Eve, December 24th.
I'm really excited about this, because it will give me an excuse to use macro on the camera... hehe!

If you want to join in and link up, feel free to:
But remember, there's no linky tool, so if you want to share, comment with a link to the post.
And, there is one rule:
Try to glorify God in all our pictures.
He put the beauty in all our everyday things!!

A plutar (see you later),

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I tagged you with a fun movie tag! :)

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