Dec 16, 2011

Holiday Sale at Writing Is a Lifestyle Bookstore! + New book available!

Writing is a Lifestyle
is offering several holiday deals!

Winifred's Hopes, sequel to Winifred's Dream, is now available!
Winifred's Hopes
(Due to computer problems,
the correct cover for this book was not available.
Sorry about that!)

This is an unedited story available at

It is $10.99, but it is on a Holiday Sale 30% off!

The softcover and hardcover versions of Winifred's Dream are on sale as well.
Due to the cost of making the book, though, the hardcover version can only be 5% off.

The Intellectually Challenged Series
is 20% off all three books!

Pick up your copies in time for Christmas! All books ship in 3-5 business days.

Insider's Secret:
There is a third Winifred book in the making!!!!
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