Dec 22, 2011

Have you ever had one of those moments

when you laugh so hard
for 2 minutes straight
and when you stop
you look at your sister
and start laughing again?
all because of a picture
that totally made you laugh
that was about cats


JesusChick rocks.


The roly-poly cat wearing the sweater?
The wanting a box and not a scratching post?
Sleeping on sweaters?

After all this,

A very serious question.

Do you have a cat?

I especially want to know if JesusChick has a cat...

because she's awesome

and has funny cat pictures.




Natalie said...

Hey Mary! It's Natalie. I have a cat his name is Boots like Puss in Boots but I didn't want to name his Puss so I named him Boots :) VERY funny picture I laughed so hard my mom looked at me weird lol!

JesusChick said...

I am so sorry! For some reason, blogger dumped a lot of blogs that I follow, are fours being one of them! D'X Ahhh! Its drives me insane!

In reply, yes, I actually own TWO cats. One named Max, he's nice, big, fluffy and fat. The other is Macy, she's tiny, short-haired and fat but not as fat as Max.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! You are absolutely the sweetest :)