Dec 28, 2011

What's Up: 12.28.12 The Smelly Raccoon Caper

here is a schedule of my night.
2:00 Wake up.
2:30 Go back to sleep
4:00 Hear wierd screeching sounds.
4:15 Get out of bed.
4:20 Sit on couch. Suddenly overwhelming smell of skunk or dead animal overtakes you... and your house.
4:25 Go around your house opening windows
4:30 Turn on computer and watch Princess Protection Program
6:00 Go to bed again.
9:47 Wake up.
9:50 Post on Blogger.

Nice, huh? Now I'm thinking we won't end up driving to a friend's house at 10:00.
I'm really glad we got those four hours of sleep, though!

Well, it's almost breakfastime now, and
I want:
Hot Chocolate


Garlic Pizza

and normal pizza:


And let's talk about this:
'Nuff said. :)


1 comment:

JesusChick said...

Looks like you had a fun night! (being sarcastic teehee ;) )

Oh. My. Goodness. All that food. I'm in love. *drools*