Mar 23, 2012

5 Random Things

Of course, this is labeled under random.... here we go:

1. I just did a fishtail braid in my own hair... and I am very proud of it. :) Hehe.
2. Yesterday, we took a drive early in the morning because of some visitors at our house.
We had to leave at 4:30 in the morning because a skunk sprayed under our house.

3. I just watched How to Steal a Million, and apart from the millions of smooches they hand off, it's a cute movie. :)

4. I have actually changed a lot of things on my "25 Things to Do before I Die" list because I go back and think, "Why do I want to accomplish that before I die?" :)
5. In this post, I said I had a secret name for my baby chick not even my family knew but I changed it because I didn't like it anymore. Now I've decided that I can't name her until I see her. I have a million good names for a rooster though.

That's the randomness I just thought I'd share with you- =)

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

I love your randomness :-)