Jul 21, 2011

100 things I want to do....

...before I die.

1. Publish a novel through a publisher, not online (stores.lulu.com/maryminship)
2. Get married.
3. Have at least 5 kids preferably 10...
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Go out of the country
6. Visit Amish country
7. Get a typewriter 
8. Watch "You Can't Take it With You" again
9. Act in hundreds of plays
10. Cook a 10-course meal
11. Open a small store
12. Be a bridesmaid for my sister
13. Be a bridesmaid for my other sister
14. Start on a walk and don't stop until you get to where you want to go
15. Read the whole Bible
16. Swim in blue waters
17. Own a horse when I get married
18. Live on a farm
19. Own chickens and cows
20. Go to England
21. Own a large collection of hats
22. Be loved
23. Make a movie
24. Read the entire Nancy Drew Hardback series
25. Have a fantastic flower garden
26. Become a professional tap dancer

27. Sing in concert
28. Make a CD
29. Spend as much time with my sisters as possible
30. Plan my wedding
31. Pick out my bouquet
32. Pick out my wedding dress
33. Decorate the country church with gingham
34. Walk down the aisle in a beautiful ballgown
35. Have a "sing" and invite all our friends over
36. Have a quilting bee
37. Invite someone over on the spur of a moment
38. Own a dog that looks like a bear
39. Go to Africa and ride an elephant
40. Gallop on a horse
41. Spin my own yarn
42. Save enough money to buy the things I want
43. Go to Jerusalem
44. Go to Bethlehem
45. Decorate something really unique
46. Paint something I dreamed exactly as I saw it
47. Wear a deliciously crazy outfit and not be wierd
48. Buy a 50's housedress
49. Wear an expensive dress (think $100,000)
50. (halfway!) Make a song on the piano
51. Take a walk in the morning
52. Act in a musical
53. Watch someone from Disney stay Christian and be an example
54. Have perfect teeth
55. Go on tons of family reunions
56. Get dumped into a pool from the bucket of a tractor
57. Act in something where I have to scream, cry, or meet someone famous
58. Grow my hair out to my knees
59. Spend the first Christmas after I'm married walking in the snow, dancing to Christmas music, and visiting family
60. Visit a unique shop in Paris that sells the cutest Christmas ornaments
61. Sew a dress
62. Sail on a ship
63. Meet Jane Powell
64. Go to a frozen yogurt shop
65. Visit the ocean
66. Visit the ocean again
67. Live life like a musical
68. Visit the Eiffel Tower
69. Visit Africa
70. Visit Alaska
71. Go to Victoria Island
72. Own these tap shoes

73. Get dipped while dancing (with no one but my future husband)
74. Watch a sunset while in another country
75. Be given a surprise party- not for my birthday, just for no reason!
76. Play matchmaker
77. Hold a tiny kitten
78. Own a chinchilla or an exotic fish
79. Wear this for my wedding:
80. Own a fancy camera
81. Live in the country
81. Find something historic (e.t. a cabin in the woods with stuff from the 1800s)
82. Be like her:

83. Buy a mustard yellow dress and look good in it
84. Write a trilogy
85. Ride in a pink limo
86. Meet royalty
87. Go to the Bahamas
88. Be a missionary
89. Cry because I'm happy
90. Camp in the middle of nowhere and swim in a stream in the middle of nowhere
91. Take an extra bow
92. Be given a standing ovation
93. Go to a vintage theatre and watch old movies
94. Vacation on a houseboat
95. Touch a wild deer
96. Pick a bouquet of wild lupines
97. See a miracle
98. Own the entire Nancy Drew Hardback Series (minus the bad ones)
99. Make someone's life better
100. Finish this list!

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Girl of God said...

wow thats a lot to ask for :)