Jul 26, 2011

What's up with me July 26th * Blogger of the Month * SURPRISE for you!!!

So to start off my update, I'll show you what I did Sunday Morning:
Ok.... I traced it. :) But it was still fun!

My hollyhocks are blooming!

I tend to them and weed them (sometimes) and water them (a little bit).... :)

The sprinkler was on and was spraying my Tree...and fred

The leaves shimmered with water droplets! It was gorgeous.

Then I happened upon our chest of dress-up on the back porch. They are used for movies made with my friends and plays put on the stage, but they used to be worn out for playing! Me and my sisters would spend hours in these. These are all gunnysax dresses- I love them! They are the best dresses. I didn't realize it until later, but they are hanging up, L to R: Longest to Shortest. :)

And now,
I am pleased to announce the Blogger of the Month!

1. She's sweet
2. She is poetic
3. She is a wonderful photographer

4. Her name is......

I'm thrilled to tell you that you are this month's AMAZING blogger!

Now, Ladies, I have surprise for you!!!
Raquel and I have been planning this for quite some time now...

So, get ready to participate in our new challenge
In Another Day
Now, here's what this challenge is all about!
The week of July 31st-August 6th is when all participants will start.
During the week, participants will write from a different perspective. That's the most important part of the challenge to understand. So during the week, you'll write like you're a different person! You could pretend like you are a princess stuck in a tower, or a famous singer on tour in Paris, you could be a girl from the 1940's writing in her diary- whatever you want! Your blog has just turned into a creative outlet!

Rules and Regulations:
1. Keep it clean! If your posts have bad words or the like in them, they won't be entered into the contest.
2. Participants have to post at least 3 times during the week challenge to be entered in the giveaway for prizes.
3. Participants will link up their post at Raquel's blog.

Now here are your goodies!

Beth's Polymer Pens is sponsoring one of our prizes! Here are some of her pens:

Aren't they cute! You will be receiving a pen- I don't have a picture of it because it's still in the process of being made. Be sure to give a big thank you to Beth if you drop by her store!

The next prize is from Sweet Little Things 4 U! You will get a scrabble pendant of your choice!
Here is my favorite pendant:

Here are some more of her necklaces.

Be sure to check out her store!

There will be another, more formal post about this closer to the beginning of the challenge.
Have a great day and please excuse the largest post I think I've EVER done!


Grace said...

Oh, my!!! Thank you EVER so much!!! I was quite shocked when I read your e-mail!

You don't know how much this means to me. Wholeheartedly I thank you...so much.

Much love in Him,

Jemimah C. said...

This is such a cool and great challenge! I definitely want to join! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I abolutely love this bog, its so cute, your photography is positively darling! Very nice!
~Audrey @ throughthewatersoflife.blogspot.com

Crista Moriah said...

I am SO excited about this challenge! So we're writing our posts kind of like a story, right?

Much <3 in Christ,