Jul 31, 2011

In Another Day 2: Secrets from the Attic

Welcome to the second day of Raquel's and my challenge, In Another Day!
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For this week, I'm going to be writing about a 13-year-old girl in 1937. If you didn't know this about the challenge, you can write from third-person if you want to- Or second. Or first! :)
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Judy pushed open her parent's stairwell door to get a better look. As light streamed in, Judy saw something she had never seen before.
A doorway!
It seemed to glisten in the light. The copper doorknob seemed to scream "Adventure!". So Judy, making sure to push her parent's door completely open (just to be safe), turned the doorknob. The old wooden door creaked as it swung inwards. Judy stopped for a moment as her eyes adjusted. A tiny round window, covered with dust, let in a small amount of light. Judy could just make out the piles of boxes and Christmas decorations. She knew her parents stored things somewhere within the servant's stairwell, but she had never known about this! Suddenly something caught her eye. It was an old wooden chest. She stepped toward it carefully, the boards beneath her groaning at her weight on them. Judy gasped as she reached the gorgeous piece of woodwork. On the chest was a piece of metal, nailed to the front. Engraved on the front was the name "Rosalia Carter Wheeler". It was so beautiful. Judy repeated the name to herself a few times, then fumbled around in the darkness, trying to figure out how to open it.
Judy realized that the light in the room was getting dark. She didn't realize two familiar faces, that of her mother and father, watching her from the doorway, silently. She was too enwrapped in her exciting adventure. Suddenly something that sounded like metal hit Judy's toe.
It was an old metal key. On it was carved the initials RCW.
Come back tomorrow to read more of Judy's story!

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Jemimah C. said...

Very intriguing! It's like a Nancy Drew mystery! I'm excited to read more on this. I'll try to make an In Another Day post.