Aug 1, 2011

In Another Day 3: Key to Hope

Welcome to the second day of Raquel's and my challenge, In Another Day!
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For this week, I'm going to be writing about a 13-year-old girl in 1937. If you didn't know this about the challenge, you can write from third-person if you want to- Or second. Or first! :)
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Suddenly something that sounded like metal hit Judy's toe.
It was an old metal key. On it was carved the initials RCW.
Jduy gasped. She slowly walked toward the chest and nervously grasped the key in her hand. She thrust it into the lock and it clicked. The clacking of unlocking contraptions intruiged her and suddenly.... the moment was over. Judy took a deep breath as she lifted the lid of the wonderful-smelling cedar chest. But what lay inside was even better. On the very top was a letter. An old, yellowed-with-time letter that called to her. She reached towards it, cautiously, and with the tips of her fingers lifted the writing out. The wax seal had long since opened with age and Judy's heart beat faster and faster. She lifted the flap and reached inside. The sweet-smelling letter was like an old book. The older it gets, the more it gets read- at least to Judy.
The letter was torn on the corner but nothing else was wrong.
It was so mysterious but simply fantastic, and Judy eagerly, but carefully, unfolded the letter.
Each fold in the paper seemed to be tearing, an ancient piece of paper that seemed to disinegrate in the hands of the finder.  Seconds passed quickly as Judy's eyes came to rest on the top of the page. In the most unspeakable writing was written:
Dear Judy,...
Come back tomorrow to hear more of Judy's story!

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