Aug 21, 2011

That's My Style

Edited to note: This is my 200th post!!! Yay!

Vintage isn't just a time, it's definitely a style! Stores are carrying whole sections of vintage. Lace and pale colors, faded blues and pinks, pearls and gems, are everywhere.

I found this headband- isn't it so sweet? It's adorable. I'd love to have it for myself!

This skirt is wonderful.

My kind of vintage, from the 40's, is usually denim skirt and blouse or full skirt with a petticoat and button-up shirt. Oh yah, that's my style!

This is pretty cute- not sure I like the big red-orange buttons though!

This is too cute of a picture. Don't you just love it?

Thanks for looking- sorry if I've been posting waaaayy to much clothing posts- I just got hit with inspiration! Lol. I'm definitely thinking about asking my mom if I can make a Polyvore account. It sounds awesome! I get some of my pictures there- that's why all the pictures are so small. But it's a good selection of pictures- I love it! See you later,

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Christela Oddstar said...

Nice style!
Oh, that's alright! Posting clothes are interesting and I love fashions, anyway.