Aug 3, 2011

In Another Day 5: Hidden Puzzlement

Welcome to the second day of Raquel's and my challenge, In Another Day!
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For this week, I'm going to be writing about a 13-year-old girl in 1937. If you didn't know this about the challenge, you can write from third-person if you want to- Or second. Or first! :)
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Suddenly something caught her eye as it flashed. Her thoughts were racing and her heart was beating as she looked in and found a small, metal ring to a false bottom.
Judy's fingers clasped around the ring.
She slowly and carefully pulled the false bottom up.
It looked empty but Judy knew it wasn't. There was no object in there, though. She groped along the bottom, hoping to find a hidden compartment or something hidden in a crack. Finally she found something. When she rubbed her fingers over a certain spot, there were tiny crevasses that her fingers bounced across. She ran to get a flashlight. Racing back up the stairs, her thoughts were a-whirl. She didn't know exactly how to explain her feelings. Excitement? Fear? Determination? She only knew that she wanted to figure out what it was on the bottom of the hope chest.
Flickering the flash light on the bottom of the false bottom, Judy was confused. There were no rings of knobs, and she couldn't see anything that looked like a secret compartment. She rubbed her fingers along the bottom. Ah-ha! she thought. She turned the flashlight on the corner, deep within the hope chest. Tilting her head, Judy could read what it said.
one Timothy at 9 and ten
Beneath that was written:
Solve the riddle,
Solve the case,
Finish the quest,
Where you began the race.

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