Aug 2, 2011

In Another Day 4: Letters to Judy

Welcome to the second day of Raquel's and my challenge, In Another Day!
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For this week, I'm going to be writing about a 13-year-old girl in 1937. If you didn't know this about the challenge, you can write from third-person if you want to- Or second. Or first! :)
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Seconds passed quickly as Judy's eyes came to rest on the top of the page. In the most unspeakable writing was written:
Dear Judy,
I know you don't know me very well. If your parents haven't already told you about me, I might as well tell you. My name is Rosalia Carter Wheeler. I married into the family. I married your great-uncle John. My life was a wonderful one and the entire Wheeler family never let me down. But now, Judy, it's time for me to finish the race. I've done my part.
But I have a challenge. I propose to you something that I want you to get done before your race ends.
You will find out what I mean when you continue looking through my hope chest.
But as of now I think I need to tell you why I chose you to take this quest. It is because, Judy darling, you are only days old. When I hold you I can only think that someday you will be just like your mother. Just as full of adventure and excitement as anyone. But for unknown reasons, you'll seem to have a knack for finding things. That's what I did when I was a girl.
Just remember that my quest doesn't lead to anything more exciting, not even close to what God has for you and me at the end of His quest. Remember Psalms 86:11. "Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name."
Judy, your mother will guide you in truth- that I can promise. But it is up to you whether you want to take my challenge or not. So I propose to you: You may either close this letter and put it back in the chest, locking it and leaving the room, or you may continue. How will you continue?
You'll have to find out.
Aunt Rosalia Carter Wheeler

Judy stood dumbfounded for a moment. She knew she would never put the letter back, so she folded it up and set it aside. Then she thrust her hands inside the chest and started pulling out things. An old, hand-quilted blanket with heavenly embroidery, a Bible, a rag doll. Item after item was pulled out and each one more intriuging than the other. Soon the chest was empty. Judy was confused. There was nothing in the chest, she thought as she glanced in. But what about the quest. Suddenly something caught her eye as it flashed. Her thoughts were racing and her heart was beating as she looked in and found a small, metal ring to a false bottom.
Judy's fingers clasped around the ring.
She slowly and carefully pulled the false bottom up...

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