Aug 3, 2011

Twosday Favs 21 and 22

Hello! I just found this draft in my post box... and I realized I didn't do Twosday Favs yesterday... Ok, she this is Twosday Favs 21 and 22... hopefully I didn't forget any others! (I really need to put a reminder on my computer for this....)

I've recently gone to Micheals craft store and me oh my I found....
this adorable Mary Engelbreit pen!!!
I think it's called a bubble pen and it has the cutest picture of a baby and a seahorse on it! Only $1 buck? It's like a yard sale! Lol!

Fav 2....
I just finished a story and here's a preview of it....

Let Down Your Hair
(an exciting and adventurous retelling of that unrealistic tale about a girl with extremely long hair in an extremely tall tower)

Now, please don’t tell me that you haven’t enjoyed the wonderful tale…but I can tell you truthfully that there is something about this whole exasperating story that makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe it’s the whole idea. How unrealistic to think that a girl only in her teens years with the most capturing beauty would grow hair by the foot long enough to reach the bottom of her high tower. And what a shock that Prince Charming came to her rescue. And how embarrassing for all females that he used her and betrayed her in such a way that he climbed up her own gorgeous hair to ruin it all and in saving her made her chop it off. Prince Charming’s can be very awful sometimes. And oh how selfish.
So the TRUE story beings something like this...

HAHA! Leaving you in suspense.... lol! The story just gets better, let me tell you, because I love the middle.... but this part is a good preview!
TWOSDAY FAVS 22:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1:Glenn Miller Orchestra Tuxedo Junction:1

2:Judy Garland:2

See you next Twosday! (unless I forget...)

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