Aug 24, 2011

What's up with Me: August 24th... and Australorps??

Read it.
Love it.
Want it.
By Jenna Woginrich

I read this and instantly:
I want backyard chickens.
Call me strange....... and yes, please pardon the fact that this is a the farthest thing from a fashion-y vintage-y post on this fashion-y vintage-y blog, but I just wanted to share with you.

These are Black Australorp chicks.

Full grown Australorp:

This not-so-cute Ameraucana chicken is pretty fun.
Ameraucana chick:

It's also known as the "easter egger". Can you guess which egg belongs to this gal?
Isn't that great? These hens lay green, blue and even pink eggs! AWESOME!!!

Now, I just have to convince everyone in my surroundings that this is a great idea. I have this $150 plan to make it work- the chicken coop makes up 2/3 of this, sure, but it's a starter coop, and actually quite a good price. I want to get 2 or 3 Black Australorps, and of course, I'd get the day old chicks. SIGH!!! Raise your hand if you also want to join me in holding brand new balls of fluff that make my breakfast! :) Lol.
Really, I think having chickens would be a fantastic experience. And I doubt that I will ever be able to stop having chickens... that is, if I actually start having chickens.
(thinks to self: Slow down, girl. Don't jump to step ten when you have yet to even confirm you will be doing step one. Hehe.)
Ok ok... I think God is teaching me patience, sisters!

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