Aug 16, 2011

Twosday Favs 23

The *official* Twosday Favs Button!!
I made this button a while back and just now decided that it would be kinda smart to put it up...I might change it though- still thinking about it!

My new Scrabble necklaces! They are
SO much fun to make. Here's pretty much
all you need to make them, except the
pretty paper.

I got the bails from Micheals Craft Shop. Real easy to find, and although they are a little big, they are handy and cheaper than buying online sometimes. There are 3 for 3 dollars- sometimes on they sell 1 bail for like 12 dollars. I'm not gonna pay that much when I can get 1 for a dollar and not even pay for shipping. :)

This pic. His paw is in the air and his tongue is out. AWWWWW!!!! I am definitely an official cat-lover!

See you next week!

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