Aug 7, 2011

Estate Sale Find

Here's the story- I'll lay it out flat.
With friends at our side, my family and I went to an estate sale- something we are avidly in love with. The Estate sale hosts do not own the items- they simply sell it. Which makes the prices better.

Well, on the way to the check-out to pay, I found this: A small school photo of a girl.
In the upper right-hand corner it says 1941- but 41 is scratched above something that looks like 39. So either this picture is from 1939 or 41. Either way, it's beautiful and I love it!

On the back it says "Caralee, 11 years". Isn't that just wonderful? If she is still alive today, she'd be 81. But from the circumstances of this being an "estate" sale, she may have been the one to whom all the stuff belonged. I just thought of that....

Isn't she beautiful??? I love it because it shows the style of clothes of the time, and her hair too-  And look at her necklace! It's just so wonderful, like holding a piece of history.

Have you ever had any great sale finds?


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Jessica said...

That's so neat. I love going to estate sales and stuff. I love antiques and anything that makes the past seem so alive!