Aug 26, 2011

Autumn: Then and Now

I was thinking, with September only 5 days away (GASP!!!), it's almost Autumn- or at least, it's almost time to feel like Autumn. Since that wonderful season actually doesn't start until the end of September, it's funny that we all think fall starts when school starts. But unless your school starts on September 23rd (or is it the 21st?) we're stuck in the vortex that all the departments stores set out for us. Isn't it funny? We've walked into several stores already that have halloween stuff out (blegh) and even some Christmas stuff! What? It's still August, even though it kind of feels like fall! So, anyway, here's to almost-Autumn, and some wonderful changes in clothing style too!
The 1940's brought us great style- the longer t-shirt sleeves give more coverage if that is what you desire, and the high neckline is much more modest than the popular plunging v-necks today.

This vintage coat and skirt set make for a wonderful impression. And in the 1940's hats were natural to wear. The mustard-mossy green color of the hat is a wonderful example of different color styles throughout the years.

Now, summer brings many people to wear flowy skirts. But fall usually brings back jeans, jeans, and more jeans! I don't have anything against jeans, just the super tight ones. What makes me sad is that people don't realize skirts are more sensible on some cases. Women have worn skirts and dresses for hundreds of years longer than they have worn jeans, and they worked hard, too! In fall, heavier skirts are much warmer and less irritating than jeans. (You know when you've been active out in cold weather, and you get the uncontrolable oh-so-annoying itch?? Skirts seem to prevent that some. Lol.)

Skirts also come in many different colors and you can pull of a floral print! Have you ever seen anyone wear pink and blue and purple floral print jeans in public and look normal?

This cardigan, perfect for the skirt above, is a wonderful shade of red. With a shirt underneath, it's a real winner!

And I couldn't help showing you this dreamy gown. The flowly sleeves, the empire waist skirt.... the (a-hem) $4,000 price tag. That's a huuuge amount of money but boy, isn't it a GORGEOUS dress?

So, I guess this will be a weekly post now, hence the polling votes! Still deciding what day to do it on... I don't really like to do things on Fridays- hopefully I won't forget too often (with my record of doing Twosday Favs lately).
So, probably Thursday- I used to do Thursday Dresses, and now- I welcome...
:) I love this! I tried to get the whole "then and now" theme by doing a "then" dinasour and a "now" dog. Cute? I like it! I love the blue and black lettering too. Definitely one of my favorite buttons so far!
I used a sign like this:
(without the little car pictures, just the red part) and turned it black, turned the line straight, and wah-lah! The basic Then and Now button!
See you Twosday and Then-&-Now Thursday

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