Aug 4, 2011

In Another Day 6: Trustworthy Timings

Welcome to the second day of Raquel's and my challenge, In Another Day!
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For this week, I'm going to be writing about a 13-year-old girl in 1937. If you didn't know this about the challenge, you can write from third-person if you want to- Or second. Or first! :)
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Tilting her head, Judy could read what it said.
one Timothy at 9 and ten
Beneath that was written:
Solve the riddle,
Solve the case,
Finish the quest,
Where you began the race.
Judy was puzzled. What could it mean? And what did it refer to when it said "the race"? Judy sat there, lost in thought for a moment. Judy started folding the items from the chest back up and placing them inside. She didn't want to give up, but it didn't make any sense.
Suddenly it occured to Judy."One Timothy at 9 and ten" could mean two things: One, it could mean Aunt Rosalia's Timothy grandfather clock, and something about the time at 9 and ten. Judy looked over in the far corner of the closet where the clock stood. Holding her breath, she walked over to the clock. There was nothing unusual about it. She turned the key that stood in the lock and yanked the door open gently. Its metal hinges were rusted and opened with terrible squeaking. Judy flipped on her flashlight and looked up at the clock work. Nothing. She felt around near the clock's face. Maybe there was a compartment up by the nine and ten numbers. But still, she couldn't find anything. Perhaps her brain needed a rest. Judy walked out of the attic and into her parent's bedroom. Collapsing onto the bed, she tried to relax but her brain kept whirling. Judy tossed and turned for a few minutes before her eye fell upon something in the room that made something click.
The family Bible rested on the nightstand. Judy sat straight up, eyes wide.
Because suddenly, for some reason, she had thought "First Timothy Nine Ten".
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