Aug 14, 2011

What's Up with Me August 14th

This pretty much explains how normal our cats are.
That's not a stuffed animal up there....
If you had to decide what level of sanity my family is at, don't come at 9:00 because that is the time we are all... kind of crazy. Sisters poking each other in the stomach and laughing so hard they hurt does not look.... normal. Unless you live at my house. :)
So that's what's up with me today.... actually that whole poking-tickling scene was yesterday but the mood transfers to today... because the first thing me and my sis did today was get out the cookbooks and read all the recipes, choosing what sounded good for breakfast, like muffins and casseroles etc.etc.etc. Then we got out leftover lasagna and heated it up.
Sound normal?

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Ponytails [My Passions for Fashions] said...

Hi Mary!

Yes, I have started blogging again! Good job on your blog, it's very nice! My little sister started a blog and she was asking me about which blogs she should follow and I came to yours and said, "This girl is a Nancy Drew fan." My little sister said, "Move aside" and clicked "follow". She LOVES Nancy Drew! I'm sure she will enjoy your blog!