Aug 19, 2011

Nancy Drew - From Now.... or then?

It seems like the most popular Nancy Drew is this one:
The, shall I say, *NEW* Nancy Drew. Stylish, a bit vintage, classy..... but not my kind of Nancy Drew. Especially not the hair. I mean, not that I have anything against this actress, but she's just nothing like Nancy Drew. She makes an awful Nancy Drew. That is.... oh, I'm so bad at explaining these things.
She makes an awful original Nancy Drew, because she's nothing like the original 56 books.
Make sense?
Well... I might be confused now. Lol.

Do you prefer this Nancy Drew?
Cute and sweet, but in my opinion the shows were a little....dumb. Cheesy, I suppose. Not enough intuition and Nancy Drew-ness in figuring things out.

In my personal opinion, the best Nancy Drew is this one:

Nancy, George, and Bess, the trio who solve case after case together, catching crooks and figuring out the hardest puzzles.
I love how this cover captures the moment when they solve the case- but they are working together as a team. It's not all NANCY DREW in her fame and glory!!!! She's just an ordinary girl.

So, whose your favorite?



Dollygirl said...

I like the new movie and I LOVE
the books. I kind of think that
the books ARE a bit better than
the movie, though. (I think the
old movies are SO cheesy) did
you know that there is a TV show?
My personel faverite Nancy Drew is:
The Secret Of The Old Clock.

~Miss Raquel said...

I plan on doing a post about the new Nancy Drew movie...and Emma Roberts wardrobe in it :)

Mary said...

I'll keep my eye peeled for it, Raquel! That sounds great. (Sorry if I came off like a hated the new movie- it's a fun movie, but I really do like the old books the best!)

Anonymous said...

personally,i like reading books more than I like watching movies. no offence to movie lovers of corse. if you see the movie first, you spend half of your time actually reading the book, or focusing on the fact that nancy looks like this or that. im bad at explaining things on the internet.... XD