Jul 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!! Part 1

Ok, ok, before we go on with this I just have to say I broke my promise from yesterday. I got on and did all my normal stuff this morning so obviously I won't be NOT getting on today. (Great job Mary, you just used double negatives! What wonderful grammar :| lol)
It's just about 6:18 in the morning.... so that is why I have no pictures to post- yet! I just had to tell you I broke my promise so I could post pictures later today. Hehe.
But I can tell you this-
Today I'm not only going to be celebrating the freedom of our country and be forever grateful to all the men who gave their lives for us, and those fighting for us as well- I'm going to be celebrating the fact that Christ died once for us and gave us eternal freedom. It's not something we have to fight for! The LORD gave us that gift and we don't have to work for it, or fight for it.
Of course, there are occasional battles- spiritual battles. When you run into these, Satan wears you out and comes slowly on you. It gets so terrible, by the time you realize it is a spiritual battle you are usually too worn out to do anything.
But God steps in. Nothing is impossible with God!!!
So celebrate your freedom today, but remember to give all the glory to God!!! He's the one who led us through all these battles so far.

Happy Fourth,

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Jessica said...

Awesome post! :) It's easy to get wrapped up in every day life and to just forget about the amazing freedom we have received from God, but our eternal freedom is something to celebrate every day!!

Happy 4th of July to you as well!