Jul 19, 2011

Twosday Favs 20

Yay! We're to the twentieth Twosday Favs, how exciting.

Favorito Uno.....
My prize from Ashley's 21st Birthday Giveaway!
I loved it, it's 100% amazing! And it wasn't just some boring package-
included when it came was a handwritten note congratulating me for winning, two candies in a vintage little envelope, and a greeting card. The Five Dollar French Market on etsy is so cool. :)

Favorito Dos.....

This Flip SlideHD Video Camera is so awesome. Not exactly the cheapest camcorder around but you're paying for 4 hours recording time and good quality. I know some friends who have Flip's and they're really durable... even with a broken lens (literally, there are cracks all over the lens) it still works beautifully! You can't even see that the lens are broken on any recorded video!

I'm sorry but I have to share this too....

I love scrabble pendants and this one makes me feel two points cooler lol :).

Buy it here on etsy!

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