May 14, 2011

....and fred

I saw this at the store the other day and I wanted it.
With a little teeny weeny price tag of 13.00 buckaroodles,
I couldn't resist taking him home. my tree. He is unnamed. Although I did try out a few like Bob and Holly or Polly or Chester or Lentils. I am not naming a tree lentils. My tree was named Lentils for about 1 minute and Bob for less and Polly for like 1 second.
Meet "tree"! Nice name huh? lol.

The shivering leaves make such a pretty sound! I guess that's why they call it a Quaking aspen... d-duh!


I can't forget about the little "sucker" (as the lady at the counter called it) in Tree's pot!

(you can see my lovely toesies in the picture... beautiful I know- ew!)

Meet Fred.

I named my little tree and not my big one? huh? I know it's backwards...

No those are not raindrops... they are hose drops. I watered Tree from the top down.... oh wait I watered Tree.... and fred. :)

I love Tree!!!!!! ....and fred.

Someday Tree will grow big and fat and large...and fred.
Ok so Tree is not an apple tree but he will grow big! ....and fred.

hopefully soon!
and fred.

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