May 17, 2011

Twosday Favs 15

Awesome! The 15th Twosday Favs.... actually it's not alot if you think about it... so DON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!! lol.

Twosday Fav One: RAINBOW!!!
This cake is SO adorable, don't you think?

This pic is just so perfect for stating "a rainbow cake"!

Twosday Fav Two: Garden Tea!
So charming, so enthralling and captivating!! What words describes the almost-mesmerizing feeling of the enchanting garden tea??? It makes me so peaceful and content and makes me feel like saying "how lovely!" lol :):)

See you next week!
P.S. Next weeks theme (unless I forget I told you guys this) is going to be RED!

1 comment:

Lucia Marie said...

I love that rainbow cake! So fun! I just may have to steal those photos for a future post...;)