May 5, 2011

My New Obsession: Finalized

Don't ask me why I have the STRANGEST title for this post in the entire world..... I am wierd that way hehe.
I know, I know. I made a movie about my typewriter.
But I was seriously laughing SO HARD at the beginning... but I was holding it back. That's why the camera is shaking hehe.

My portable typewriter

Close-up of the keys

What do you think? Do you like it?

I SURE DO!!! *Goofy laugh*
I am a very refined person if you can tell.....
(Yes, I stole that from Natasha!!)
:{) (and yes, I stole that from Lucia Marie)
Ok I am done stealing from people haha. :):)

Aloha Mi Amigos!!! Ciao! Uh.... Hola?
Anyhew.... I am done being wierd. Goodbye.


Lucia Marie said...

Hehehe..Mary, your video is so cute! I was laughing at the beginning, with your cat and all..that is sooo cute! :) Aw, don't worry about "stealing" the little moustache man!! :{) He aint mine, anyhow. ;)


Sydney said...

Oh my! Kally is adorable! Lol you need to post the video of her scooching in the box! that was SO funny! i keep laughing at the thought!

- Sydney