May 11, 2011

Dogwood and Strawberries

This was the first time I ever remember seeing dogwood trees. Oh, they are so gorgeous!
From far away they look like pink trees. But even from a car looking at one on the side of the road, you can tell they are each individual, huge flowers. I was so surprised! They look fake.

But they are not! Aren't they pretty? I couldn't capture the real color with my camera... and I was trying manual mode and that is why the picture is so dark hehe :)

And they were all different colors! light pink, dark pink, and white greeted us.

Along with all the springy-leafy-growing trees!

The moon was shining as I could see it up there and so I snapped a shot.

This absolutely gorgeous tree! You know what I like about cameras? They let you see things close up. I couldn't even see what these little pink flowers looked like without my camera so I zoomed in....

But before I show you those beautiful flowers I just had to show you this sun-shiney pic.


here are those pretty zoomed-in flowers


Aren't the GORGEOUS?!?!? I have said that like 5 times in this post... but who cares everything is!

They look like snow, it is so gorgeous (i've said that too much lol) pretty!!

and then we had sweet strawberries!!! We got some a few days ago that were so deliciously at the height of ripeness they were the best I'd ever tasted. Then we got these. They were sweet, but I think since they are still yellow at the ends that means they aren't as sweet. But they were good!

and they were huge!

The end!

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Jemimah C. said...

Strawberries! I'm so envious.