May 30, 2011


These are my feet. And my favorite way to wear them, too. bare!

These are my feet in NEW flipflops and my old bad shoes in the middle.

my new flipflops!

There is a story behind this-
I have terrible arches- hereditary! So my mom made me a deal. She'd buy me new shoes- dressy, everyday, and outside- if she'd let me get rid of all my old ones.
So I bought these flip-flops, and got another brown and pink pair just like them for variety. I also got Teva sandals for outdoor wear and I have no use for dressy shoes at the moment.
I know, beautiful story isn't it? I bet it brought you to tears.
Well here's something to end this post with a laugh. Dry your eyes and click play!

(P.S.- roses are

one of God's
most beautiful flowers!)

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