May 21, 2011

Blogger of the Month Award

"I really like your blog! I especially like it when you post the "Blogger of the Month" awards. Do you take nominations for that? Because there is a blog I really Her name is Lucia and she is a wonderful, encouraging blogger. She has been a really huge light to me and so many others I know. I would love to see her get the award! Blessings, Miriam"
This was one of the commets I recieved at last month's Blogger awards.
"I love Anna's blog. :) Are you doing nominations for this blog award thing? I think one blog that would be REALLY deserving of this is "From Under My Little Umbrella." by Lucia Marie. She has been a huge encouragement to me!! Just a suggestion! Love, Carrie"
This was another.
So I hum-dee-dummed over to Miss Lucia's blog... and my jaw dropped.
(ok not literally...but she is AMAZING!!)
So it's no surprise that this month's Blogger of the Month Award goes to...
Miss Lucia Marie at From Under My Little Umbrella!!!!!
Congrats Lucia Marie!

Do I even need to list why she is absolutely fantastic?

1. Her blog is SO inviting and adorable.
2. Her posts are humorous and make us all feel good.
3. I leave in a better mood.
4. EVERYONE loves her blog and she has 385 followers to prove it!!!
5. She's a beautiful, Godly girl, staying pure, and she's using her influence on us to be a good example!!!

Lucia, your blog is wonderful and I am honored to present you with this award.

Thank you all for coming to this month's Blogger Awards Ceremony!!! See you next month!


Lucia Marie said...

Aww! Mary, I saw a part of this post appear on my dashboard, and I decided to come on over and see who was the lucky blogger this time~~~and WHAT a surprise I got to see it was *me!!!* :D *hugs* I am so very everyones' sweet words! I certainly do not deserve the praise...I get all my inspiration from other bloggers, and of vourse from my LORD! But, thank you for the compliments, Mary have no idea how much they mean to me. <3 I will be sure to "show off" ;) this award as soon as possible, and direct my readers to YOUR lovely blog!


P.S. (Thank you, Carrie and Miriam for your sweet words! I am beyond touched, and CHARMED to hear that my blog is a blessing! That is my one goal!)

Miriam said...

Yay! She got it. :) I love Lucia! <3 And you are quite welcome, dear! You deserve them! ;)