May 8, 2011


Question: What color do you think this tulip is?
(Answer photo will be posted soon!)
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Well, here are some other pics I took!

The leaf and the petal kind of merged together... strange, but it's really cool!

Almost blooming!

This is a cherry tree growing at the back of our yard....never actually gotten cherries from it. We can see them way up high in the tree, but they aren't reach-able.

Grape Hyacinths- the perfect "ingredient"! We used to play with these all the time. As soon as they bloomed we were so excited because we could "cook" with them and use them as "exotic" foods and "grapes"! :)

;) wink

 ok so I don't know why I winked.... maybe because I was reminiscing??
anyhew, bye!

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