Jan 2, 2012

Blogger of the Year Award!!!!

(Hey everyone, in this post I said I was going to try not to post but the plan has changed!
 So I will be posting (just about as much as I always do - sporadically - :))

Before we get to the Award, let's look back on 2011.
What did I do all of last year?
Well, I watched some awesome movies:

We watched this last night- starring 5 kids who played all the roles and are amazingly talented, it is a hilarious movie. My absolute favorite was Ike- 2 years old and can hardly walk or talk! It was so adorable and such a clean, fun movie. It has good morals, too!

The Widow's Might is an absolutely awesome movie! Made by homeschoolers for the SAICFF (San Antonia Independent Christian Film Festival) starring two brothers (in real life and onscreen) John and Gator Moore. At the SAICFF, they took home two prizes- Audience Choice, and Best of Festival! This movie was great, with 8 original songs, and a cheesy western thrown in!
And I just found out that HueMoore Productions (creators of this movie) are in the production of another movie!

Maybe my favorite- The Mysterious Islands is a documentary about the Galapagos Islands. It shows giant turtles, sharks, blue-footed boobies and so many other amazing animals! And here's a plus:
It comes with the world's greatest soundtrack!

In 2011, not only did we chance upon these great movies, we also listened to some pretty rad (don't you think that word's so hip? Lol!) stuff-

The Green Ring Conspiracy - Adventures In Odyssey

Jonathan Park - The Voyage Beyond

I also read/am reading still some wonderful books:

I'm not sure which Andrew Clements I read in 2011 so I just listed a few. :)

I took some great pictures, too (if I do say so myself!)

(My computer wasn't working so I can only load 1 pic :))

And now....
(Since I haven't even done any blogger of the month awards, here it comes...)
The winner....
of the 2011 Best Blogger Award is.....

Congratulations, JesusChick!
I will contact you and send you your award!

Thanks for joining me for this 2011 Review!

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JesusChick said...

I sit here with tears with my hand over my mouth in disbelief, happy tears coming out of my eyes. Oh my goodness, you've got to be the sweetest girl ever! :D
I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog, sometimes I ponder over whether I should just give up, questioning myself whether people actually like my blog, people like you are the reason I stay on blogger :')
Thank you so much Mary! I absolutely adore you and your blog!