Jan 20, 2012

A Picture from the Files

This is a picture from... I think 2 years ago. Now we have more than a foot outside, with massive piles from the snowplow. Instead of a yard,we have gigantic lumps of snow! And since there was a freezing rain, we also have about a 1/2 inch of solid ice on top of about 7 inches of snow, with like 5 more on top of it. NEATO!!! (Wow... that was such a homeschooler thing to say.)
Speaking of homeschoolers, here's a video we found that is just hilarious!!!

"Finding Nemo? Son, what have I told you about watching PG rated movies? Grab your Bible, we're going to Awana."

(Yes, I have been driving everybody crazy by saying this like twice everyday for like a week.)


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