Jan 13, 2012

I totally forgot what I was going to post about....

So do you mind if I do something REALLY random? Like, supersuper random?

Well, I found this picture when I looked up a picture of a cat meowing...:) I can totally imagine my cat doing this!!!

I found this on Jesus Chick's blog. :):) I actually love broccoli (as does JesusChick) especially when covered in cheese. A lot of things taste good covered in cheese.

To end this post....

So Kraft Mac and Cheese looks like AMAZING because I haven't had it in like MONTHS which is really sad but we are becoming "hippies" who don't own a microwave and store things in glass jars instead of plastic tupperware containers. (true story).


P.S. Look at what I labeled this post.

1 comment:

JesusChick said...

Yay! Another broccoli lover! :D Hey, random posts are amazing, please keep doing them :)