Jan 3, 2012


if you are a cat person then you know exactly what I mean when I say that cats are like THE best pets and even when they are old and fat they do the cutest things.
And things that you can NEVER get a picture of because you're laughing too hard.


We saw my cat doing this a year ago.

We saw him doing it again a few months ago.

And then a few days ago.

Each time we got out the camera, but before we could snap a picture,
we would start laughing so hard he would jerk up and out of that adorable position.

I'm sure you want to see what made us laugh...

Good news!

We finally got the picture!





Fizi Kizi said...

Awww I agree cats are the best! Mine once slept in a fruit bowl!

JesusChick said...

Omigosh! I thought only my cat did that! Your cats are so cute!!! :D

Girl of God said...

Ohhh I hope our cats do that when they are older!