Jan 20, 2012

Practicing Good Blog-havior

Oh, wasn't that witty of me?

Blog-havior: (noun)
To behave properly and speak fluently with grace on a blog.


I have failed the test!!!

I have flunked in the blogger department!

Here is my list of requirements I must meet to be a great blog. Thanks, Lucia!

1. Be Unique.
Hopefully I am unique. If you know anybody else in the world who posts exactly like me let me know.....:)

2. (basically) Use pictures, but don't use too many- or too little. Tons of squished font is really boring to read, but like, 25 pictures is too much for internet to load.
This is my worst!!!
I hardly ever use my own pictures anymore.... it couldn't be because- *gasp* -I am lazy. So lazy that I don't feel like clicking the shutter button on my camera or editing them. OHHH the pain of clicking the computer mouse!!!!!
I promised you this pic a few posts ago- she'll wear this scarf all day unless someone takes it off her!

(P.S. From now on, I promise I will try my best to include the source of all the pics I get from the internet!!! If I don't, comment and tell me so I can fix it!!!!!!)

3. Use your own photos.
Oops again. I would promise to do at least 1 of my own pictures in each post... but I don't take pictures enough and you would get REALLY bored!!! So... I will try to be more creative. :)
Freezing rain = 1/2 inch of ice in the snow = pain when sledding or hitting your elbow (obviously personal experiences!)

4. If you can, comment on your commenter's blogs!!!
Oh, I've done this, ALL THE TIME!!
(Just in case you don't understand, that was complete sarcasm. Hehe.)
This is turning into the Bloggers Resolution List for me!!! Hey, (here's a brilliant idea) want me to comment on your blog? Every comment I get on this post, I will visit your blog and comment there!!!

5. Don't care too much about the numbers of followers you have.
Ok... I've cared about how many pageviews I've had- but I'm humbled when I go to someone elses blog, thinking "I have like 7,000 pageviews!!" and then I scroll down and their pageview counter says something like: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. :)
Lucia said, "Imagine if you have 10 people's attention- and they're just listening to you."
COOLNESS MAN!!! I have 30 people "listening" to me!

6. Bragging about what you have
A-hem.....forgive me, dear followers (of which I have 30 now..)
I never brag. I am a paragon of virtue to all bloggers.
AND I am not sarcastic at all.
(Oh, don't you believe it? :) I don't.)
(A paragon is a 100-carat diamond... or a good example.)

7. Have an eye-catching, easy-to-use design.
Excuse me while I go find a different design.

8. Be creative and change your blog around a bit.
I used to feel bad when I posted something other than vintage fashions... but seriously, how boring would it be if that's all I ever posted?!? That would be breaking rule no. 1, anyway. And I don't want to be one of those people who has a seperate fashion blog, writing blog, crafting blog, and photography blog, so I can do whatever on another blog. I have enough trouble posting regularly on 1 blog! :):)

So, here we go, friends!!! Let's change the world (or this blog) for the better! Let's shake up the old routine (or shake up the boringness of this post) and make a difference (changing font perhaps?)!!!!!


P.S. Remember to comment on this post- I promise to comment on your blog if you do!


Trinka said...

Well, I'm ALWAYS failing at those! Especially posting pics of my own {I've NEVER done that} and caring about how many followers I have...
But, hey, 28 people listen to me isn't so bad :)

JesusChick said...

Great blog resolution list, Mary! I'm guilty of some of these things as well :( *stands in time-out corner*