Jan 18, 2012

Snow + Dressing for the weather

Snow : White Christmas

A storm blew in a few days ago.


White Christmas was not so white. We had like a cold Christmas with absolutely NO snow. We did get a few snowflakes before that, though! Just enough to enjoy 1 sledding trip down the hill before coming back inside.
But now, we're supposed to have up to 15 inches!!!!

The wierd white line in the background is a string of Christmas lights strung outside.

This is the same spot as the picture above this one- I love the glowing light on the edge.

I knit a scarf for one of our cats today...
Don't ask me why!
I just love playing with our cats.

This one didn't really like wearing a scarf.
But one of our other cats wore the scarf the whole day!!! She forgot it was on- but we joke that she left it on because she knew it was very stylish and she had been waiting all her life to wear clothes that complimented her complexion and made her beautiful. :)
(Hopefully I can upload some pictures of her wearing it soon!)


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Anonymous said...

Endless snow is AWSOME but if it is soooooooo badly snowing that you cant leve your house for three days that is not so fun!! (Well you can make it to the Sledding hill:) My dog is not a fan of her coat she HATES it!!!