Jun 21, 2011

Blogger of the Month Award

Well it's that time again........
And this month someone lovely has been awarded.

And I absolutely adore this gal.

1. She's lighthearted and...dare I say yummy? Yes. I do. Her blog is deliciously yummy.
2. Who doesn't like a simple approach to a wonderful, not simple girl? She is "simply" filled with all sorts of excitement.
3. AMAZING photography! What more can I say? I wish I had her camera!!!
4. Well this might sound kind of cheesy and lame but she has a cat. Lol. I love cats. And I love her cat. :):)
5. She shares her faith! One of the most important qualities in a christian blogger is to share her faith with her followers. If she doesn't, what's the use of blogging? Use your talents to please God! And that's exactly what...
Danielle is doing!!!
(notice I changed the background picture for the award?)
Congratulations Danielle!!!!!
I will contact you to give you your prize!!

Thank you all so much for coming to this month's Blogger Awards!!!!
Have a wonderful day and a wonderful month!

P.S. Twosday Favs is cancelled due to the awards. God Bless! Mary

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