Jun 26, 2011


The Umbrella
A beginners poem of lame made-up-on-the-spot rhymes

An umbrella has a use
to keep the rain from off our backs.
But when the rain stops and the sun shines
this weather has something that lacks.
An umbrella can be useful to shade of from those rays
and remind us of those cold and rainy happy days.
So I thank you for listening to this odd and lame poem
And I will end this poem as awfully as I began.
The End.

So you may realize I am bored. Counting days until I can go camping... well hopefully I can go camping soon. But I don't know if I will be able to. SO....anyway, whatever.
I am bored. That is a fact.
But not bored enough to chores. *wink*

STATS: 15 followers
Over 4,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!! Got almost 2,000 views in May. Almost 250 in June. Well, understandably.... Nancy Drew Fashion Week was in May. Link-ups gain you pageviews. lol.

See you later!

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