Jun 7, 2011

Old Movies Rock! Part 2

My Favorite Old Movies:

I love all these movies immensely, although my top-top favorites are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (I know I've mentioned that four billion times but if you're new, you know now!), Singin' in the Rain, The Harvey Girls, and Easter Parade. None of them are even the teensiest bit more than the others because I just love them all SO much!!! If you haven't seen these movies, they are clean and very worth watching! I grew up seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I have to say, even if you don't like old movies, you'll like this one. Me, I love old movies. I especially love Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby, and just this year I've fallen in love with Judy Garland. It took me a while to get used to her because she's not the typical broadway star, but I love her! I especially like her in Easter Parade, because it has a scene about the Zeigfeld Follies.... how I would love to see a Zeigfeld Show. But alas, they are no longer because Mr. Zeigfeld passed a long time ago.... those golden years are over. boohoo!!!!!!!! Lol :).
Please excuse that ginormous paragraph of old-movie-blabbers.
Have a great week!

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