Jun 17, 2011

I've got a hankering...

and you know me, I'm a really wierd person so I like food. Not that liking food is wierd but the fact that I've been up for an hour and now I feel like eating cheese.
I am wierd and I am oh so sorry I have to unload all this 'cheesiness' on you. (lame pun intended.)
Yummeroodles!!!! Now don't tell me you don't like cheese. Unless you are like lactose intolerant or something.

And crackers? (commonly known as saltines in this household) One of my favorite things. Light and crunchy and salty. And good.

And I'd wash it down with my favorite drink ever.....

Just water. But it's yummy and good for you.

So if you'll excuse me I'll go be the wierdo that I am and eat cheese and crackers and water for breakfast and maybe some leftover spaghetti.


God bless,

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