Jun 11, 2011


Don't you just LOVE rummage sales???? I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to one lately and I found some goodies...

BUT first of all I would like to show you something I made- it was a big accomplishment for me because I can't usually sew big things- it took me a few days to do it with my grandma, but I did it!


My crazy-9 patch!

Rummage sales always turn up with something amazing tucked away inside them.

Just a few weeks ago I had been looking at these online:
Square dancing dresses by Entwife on http://www.etsy.com/.

They are just the most adorable square dancing dresses, and I was dying to get my own. The price wasn't right though- nearly 30 dollars a dress. I couldn't do that, especially since I didn't know if it was the right size.

But God likes to spoil me, I guess, because look what I found at the rummage sale...

YAYY!!!! Along with this, I found a purple one (pictures to come soon) and the crinoline to go underneath- making the total price come to.....

$5.00 BUCKAROODLES!!!!!!!!!

Don't you love the yard-saling season?
Yours truly-
Mary ☺

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Lucia Marie said...

Yayyy Mary!! Wow, that is amaazing!! That dress that you found is almost exactly like the ones you were looking at! God is so good, isn't He??!

BTW..thanks for entering and posting about my giveaway! Hope you win! ;)