Jun 19, 2011

New Story

I'm working on a new story- it's a Rapunzel Redo. I'll show clip-its and snippets of it if you'd like but even if you don't say particularly that you'd enjoy it I'll probably put some up anyway because I like to share my work. ;):) winky.
This is like my rapunzel. She is lonely but in the story she is not all alone....
and also Rapunzel is not the Rapunzel you'd think her to be. Now I've confused you and you'll have to read the snippets I post to understand! ;)

Alright... her hair is awesome but I don't know about the movie. I haven't seen it but I've heard that her hair is sort of... magical. In a review on the movie, it says...

The power of the magic flower and Rapunzel's glowing hair is said to have been derived from a drop of pure sunlight. It makes her hair near sentient, and it's used several times to either heal or rejuvenate.

Rapunzel sings an incantation to the magic flower to unleash its healing properties: "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine/Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine/Heal what has been hurt, change the Fates' design/Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine."
A dam breaks, trapping Rapunzel and Flynn in a cave that quickly fills with water. Flynn receives a gash on his hand from a sharp rock. And in the film's most intense scene, Flynn is stabbed by Mother Gothel. She stands behind him and we don't actually see her plunge the dagger in, but we do see her pull back the blade as he crumples to the floor. We're shown a red stain on his shirt.

[Spoiler Warning] Flynn appears to die from the injury, but he's magically revived. And Mother G withers back to her true, ancient age—falling out of a tower window and literally disappearing as her cape smacks the ground below in a puff of cloth and dust.

I don't know what to think. I know the movie has a lot of positive elements, but if it has any amount of those hidden magical things, I don't want to be a part of that. The Bible says to keep our hearts pure, and feeding ourselves on Disney movies is not biblical. Sorry to say, but I won't be watching the newfangled, awesomely-animated Tangled.

That brings up another thought. I feel left out of all this commotion about Tangled, and I'm getting mixed feelings because everyone says how fantastic it was. But how can a movie be fantastic when it's filled with magic? It could very well be the values of the person watching. My family does not celebrate halloween, we don't have any fairies or witches or mermaids in our house, and strangely enough, we won't be throwing our bouquets at our weddings because it leads back to how witches would choose their next leader.
It really is our values- we have some barbie movies because we babysit alot, and we had to get rid of some of those because of the magic. It's not the magic in the movie, it's the magic itself. It's... well, please don't be offended but I'd like to express my opinion here. Magic, to our family, is satanic. There's no biblical stand for magic. Miracles are a different story- they are from God. They don't just happen because of a 'drop of sunlight' or something.

Well, thanks for listening to my blabbers and please tell me what you think about Tangled. I'd love to get some second opinions about it after you've read the information about it.

God bless,

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Jemimah C. said...

Hi, Mary! I enjoyed reading your opinions on Tangled and magic. I must say, that was interesting. I don't celebrate Halloween either. It's such an awful event. Evil, too. There are quite a lot of traditions (like in weddings) that have backgrounds with satanic and superstitious things. I think it's better to know the backgrounds of certain things before celebrating them or doing/seeing them.

But I don't agree with not watching magical movies. And also when it comes to reading books. I've seen and read quite a lot of movies and books that had some magical elements. Well, it depends really. Like I don't read and watch Twilight and Harry Potter. One is about vampires and the other is about witches. Both support evil in a "good" way; they portray evil as the "good guys". It's totally ironic. But then again, I guess "magic" isn't always that bad. Like The Chronicles of Narnia uses "magic"...and it's like some kind of allegory of the Bible. But these are my opinions really. Everyone has their own different opinions. But I believe that we have to be careful with what we fill our minds with. But I loved Tangled. The story was really cool.

Sorry for this long, long comment. I just wanted to give my opinions on this (and it ended up being longer than I expected).