Jun 30, 2011

God is SO good!!!!

Now you may have all heard that I really have been wanting to......
Tap dance.

AND a few nights ago, I was confronted (that's kind of a big word lol) and I suddenly realized that I might NOT be able to. Physically, I might not be able to. This wasn't something that I was just WAITING to happen. I wasn't just hoping that I would come across the right size and then, ta-daa, I could take lessons.
I had engraved in my mind that I was going to be able to do them.
But the truth was, I might not.

So, lying on my floor in deep thought (don't tell me you never just lay on your bedroom floor- lol) I remembered that just the day before my sister had given something up to God- and just hours later was given an answer. I gave it up to God. I don't know how to give things up to God, I had never really had to before. But I did, and I knew that God would help me give it up to him.

That night I went to my first tap dance lesson.

I feel amazing! Sure, I'm a bit sore but I should be, that's normal.
Give it up to God and get answers!! Lol! Lesson learned!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

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